Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast and Hawaii

Yesterday, I revisited my childhood and watched Beauty and the Beast. While that movie is still awesome, some things did stick out to me, watching it as an adult.

1. The Beast's servants/furniture/dishware are incredibly durable. They sing, they dance, they hop around, they DEFEAT A MOB WITH A BATTERING RAM and they don't break. I know they're enchanted and all, but just because they're alive doesn't mean that the china of which Mrs. Potts and Chip are made doesn't suddenly become like steel, unless the enchantress who cast the spell in the first place also did a switcheroo on the properties of the materials.

2. Gaston really is a dumb-ass. His objective is to marry Belle. Does he get her flowers or chocolates, help out her father, buy her books, or cook her a nice dinner like any other normal human male would do in trying to win over a woman? NO! He opts to ambush her with a surprise wedding and throw her pops into a mental asylum. Not winning, Gaston.

3. While watching this movie, I thought the strangest, most random thing I've ever voluntarily thought of in a long time. I thought about my dog, and what if she used to be this really bitchy, self-absorbed princess who got turned into a dog? And she had until her 21st birthday (in human terms, natch) to find a guy to love her or else she'd be a dog forever? That would mean she would have until November (3rd dog birthday/21st human birthday) and I have been cock-blocking her this whole time. It would also mean that the cute moments we've shared (her curling up on my lap, or lying on my chest for a few minutes when we first go to bed) are now hella awkward.

4. Random subject change...This has nothing to do with Beauty and the Beast, but lately I've had the urge to go to Hawaii for a few days, by myself. It's definitely because I've got a romanticized view in my head that a trip to Hawaii by myself would be this life-changing quest in which I "find myself" and other such hippy nonsense. I don't even know what I would be trying to find, or if I even needed to find anything; I just want to go to Hawaii.


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