Monday, April 26, 2010

Songs I am Loving Right Now

I love music, and one of my favorite things in the world is to "discover" a new song (or two) on the radio or during my boxing class, become obsessed with it (or them) and play the shit out of it (or them) until I get tired of it (or them). Right now, I am obsessed with three songs, and I will warn you--they are a little cheesy. But whatever, they have good beats and are just all around feel-good pop.

1. "Airplanes," B.o.B featuring Eminem and Hayley Williams
This question is for my UT work peeps--does loving this song up my street cred any?

2. "Eenie Meenie," Justin Bieber, featuring Sean Kingston
This is an addendum to the question posed to my work peeps in item #1. Never mind, I think jamming out to this song cancels out whatever street cred I earned with the previous song.

3. "Girl I'm Tryin'," by J. Brazil

Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Epic Weekend

Have you ever hung out with your friends with no specific agenda in mind as to what to do, but ended up having the best time of your life? I consider it one of life's little magical moments. The activities you do end up participating in when all of you meet up are completely unplanned and incredibly fun, and you walk away from the experience with great stories and even better memories. For me, last weekend was one such experience.

I drove up to Tallahassee to see my friends Meagan and Edwin for one last hurrah before they moved to Pasadena this summer (that's two more friends California has taken from me, the bastard). The only set-in-stone plan we had was to go to the Bradfordville Blues Club that Saturday night; the rest of the weekend was wide open. I got to their place around ten on Friday night, and we commenced to drink margaritas and eat Nutella and Ritz crackers well into the night.

Ah, homemade margaritas...great start to the weekend!

Saturday we woke up in the p.m. and debated on what to do until the blues club later that night. A friend of Meagan and Edwin's recommended we go to Po' Boys, a restaurant in downtown Tallahassee, and lo and behold, when we got there, a craw fish festival was taking place! (There was also a Pride Fest going on in another area of downtown, but Edwin and Jeremiah, Meagan's brother, vetoed that down real quick. They wouldn't even change their minds when I pointed out a man wearing a tuxedo and a pink boa. I mean, come on! That was people-watching at its finest! But I digress.)

After getting into the festival, we just stood around for several minutes. It was pretty small, and comprised mainly of a stage for live music, a few booths, the food area and the restaurant itself. But then the magic happened. We went up to the bar in the restaurant to get some drinks and saw that they were selling 24-ounce margaritas for $6. Six bucks! Six. Bucks. Two of my favorite things in life are booze and great money-saving deals, so when we spied the price of those drinks, it was like the God of Crunkdom was giving us his blessing and saying, "Go and party, my children." So we did. I ordered two. Meagan had one. Edwin and Jeremiah had several more. And a few beers. And all of us ended up having a party.

Meagan and I at Po' Boys. My excitement at the $6 margaritas is probably at an unhealthy level.

Meagan, Edwin and I

Later on that night, we went to the blues club, which was a blast all around. This was my first visit to the BBC, and I absolutely loved it. It's a little hole-in-the-wall club way out in the middle of nowhere, and our group spent the night drinking, dancing and drinking some more. The pictures from that night will say more about the fun we had than I ever could.

My sister, Laura, showing off her wristband and beer. She recently turned 21.

My favorite shot of Meagan and Edwin dancing.

My favorite shot of the night. Definitely captured how much fun we all were having!

Meagan, Jeremiah and I outside at the bonfire during intermission.

Me and my Bud. That Friday at work, some friends and I were discussing how you never see anybody order a plain ol' Budweiser when they go out. So I decided to order one.

I think that Meagan and Edwin's "last hurrah" couldn't have gone any better. It was indeed an epic weekend.

P.S. Thanks to Meagan for letting me steal some of her photos!