Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's See How Many I Times I Can Cram the Words, "Richard Lewis" Into This Post

Judging by my dreams, I'm convinced that when I go to sleep, my brain sees it as a free pass to to go hog-wild and do all kinds of crazy shit. Apparently last night, it wanted to hang out with Richard Lewis (1!), and so I was treated to the following:

Richard Lewis (2!), my friend Ali and I were all getting ready to go somewhere, and Richard Lewis (3!) and I were dating. My friend Ali was in this very New York-looking outfit: black slacks, black turtleneck shirt, and a long black coat, and she was wondering what to accessorize with it.

Being a smartass, I tell her, "If you added a scarf, you'd look just like Richard Lewis (4!)!" Richard Lewis (5!) then shoots me a look, clearly not amused, and it hits me: I just made fun of Richard Lewis (6!) in front of Richard Lewis (7!) Trying to rectify the situation, I go over to him, playfully tug on his scarf and say, "But you look good." (Sidenote: He, too, is wearing black pants, a black turtleneck, a black coat, and a black scarf.) He's not quite appeased, but he lets it go. Ali disappears then comes back wearing the same outfit except she ditched the coat and put on a Native American poncho instead.

Then, I woke up.

Don't ask. I do not know what Richard Lewis (8!) was doing in my subconscious. Like I said: apparently my brain wanted to hang out with him while I was asleep. It's like a high school kid who has the house to himself the whole weekend sans parental units and decides to GET FUCKIN' CRAZY.

Richard Lewis (9!) wasn't harmed in the making of this dream.

Total Richard Lewis Count: 9 (10 if you include the title, 11 if you include this line)

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