Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Awhile back, I noticed a phenomenon happening where I work: people who were working on the first floor of my building would walk to the second floor solely to use the bathroom. I came up with a theory that they were doing it because they needed to poop, but today I found out the actual reason, which is way more random and awesome than my theory: the first floor bathroom is too cold for them to take their pants off in.

That's right! The decreased temperature makes the toilet bowls too cold to sit on, so they migrate up to the second floor to use the bathroom. I like this line of reasoning better than the one I came up with.

P.S. Thank you to Taylor for getting to the bottom of things! She is officially The Second Floor Mystery Solver.


  1. Wow, so what do we call "the Pooper" now? Ha ha!

  2. We should still call her "the Pooper." That nickname has pretty much stuck.

  3. This is funny, because where I used to work, there were downstairs as well as upstairs facilities. Most personnel used the downstairs. In fact there were only a couple offices upstairs, and the restrooms up there were seldom used. I truly hate taking dumps at work, but sometimes you just have to. I shared this sentiment with a co-worker, who agreed we should designate the upstairs restroom as our own personal sh*tting quarters. There was only one catch; sometimes, the Upstairs Employees would have meetings in the conference room (where the restroom was located) and of course we weren't rude enough to poop while there were important topics being discussed a door away. We'd have to resign ourselves to defecate downstairs, which is how we came up with the acronym "D.S.S.", also known as the infamous "Downstairs Sh*t". I always hated having to take a big, steamy D.S.S. (btw, I'm remaining anonymous because I have reputation, and no one needs to know that I crap at work.)

  4. LMAO! Anon, you gave me my good laugh for the day!