Thursday, March 11, 2010

Links! Links!

I've come across some interesting opportunities and information recently, and I thought, who better to share this with than the three people who read this blog? Without further ado...

1. Remember my friend Meagan? The one who purchased the gorgeous yellow citrine solitaire necklace from Tiffany's during her trip to New York? Even if you didn't read the post, you can still infer from the previous sentence that she has great taste, right? Well, due to recent weight loss and a looming cross country move later on this year, she has been forced to clean out her closet and sell some clothes she can't wear anymore. YOU, however, can benefit from this, as she's posted an open Facebook note showcasing what she's selling. And she has some NICE stuff--Ann Taylor pants, Cache tops, a Saks Dress--girlfriend doesn't play when it comes to fashion. Her contact info as well as pricing and sizes are all in the note, so if you want to do a little shopping but don't want to drop a lot of dough, check it out . Everything is in excellent condition as well.

2. My friend Jenna recently started reviewing restaurants for the San Francisco Examiner. She's taken her passion for food and dining out and has made it a hobby, and you would be remiss if you didn't visit her page and read her stuff. Even if you don't live anywhere near San Francisco, you should still check out her articles because she's cool and a talented writer. And leave a comment or seven.

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