Sunday, December 6, 2009

Meet My New BFF, Tiffany

As a woman goes through life, there are many milestones and "firsts" she is bound to encounter: her first love; her first kiss; the first time she has sex; the first time she has good sex; getting married; having kids; and ultimately experiencing these milestones all over again via her kids and grandkids. (Well, except for the sex part. That would be a little weird. And highly inappropriate.) However, there is one event that I think is valid enough to be included among these many "firsts," but always seems to be left out. That milestone? Her first piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

Now, I'm sure there are people out there who would beg to differ. After all, buying a piece of jewelry isn't the same as, say, having a kid. And I'm not saying that the two are comparable at all. But when a woman receives a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's, whether she purchased it herself or received it as a gift, it's a special moment. Why? Well, quite simply put, it's unique. It's timeless. It's historic (the company was established in 1837!). Tiffany & Co. has solidified its reputation as an icon in our society, its name synonymous with sophistication, class, quality, and glamour. So when a woman unwraps that little blue box, she's not just getting a piece of jewelry. She's getting something that she can one day pass down to her daughters. She's getting a little piece of history. She's getting something that's iconic. And when this happens for the first time, I can guarantee you that as long as she lives, she will be able to recall every single detail about the event: where she was, who it was from, the occasion, etc.

My first (and, to date, only) Tiffany's piece was the result of an impulse buy last summer. My friend Jenna was in town, we went to the mall, and wound up in Tiffany's, gazing at and trying on different pieces. I ended up walking out with a silver ring that was part of its 1837 collection:

Probably not the smartest purchase I ever made, but I don't regret making it. It was so thrilling to see the saleswoman box it up in that signature blue box and give to me to take home. As silly as this sounds, I felt grown-up. To me, that ring represented crossing the threshold into adulthood.

My friend Meagan recently experienced her first Tiffany's moment. She and her husband visited New York City, where she purchased a yellow citrine solitaire necklace from the flagship store. Aside from being just a teensy bit jealous that she got to visit the NYC store, I once again felt that little thrill when I got her text message that read, "I bought a necklace at Tiffany's!" I knew the excitement she was experiencing; I had experienced it myself a year prior.

Below is the necklace, and I think you'll agree with me that it's gorgeous. But, of course, I wasn't expecting anything less; Meagan has excellent taste, and hello, it's Tiffany!

The first time is always special, am I right? Here's to the beginning of our Tiffany's collections. :-)

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