Monday, March 26, 2012

Proof That Filters Can Make Crappy Pictures Look Amazing pt. 2

This series I'll cryptically title, Life. Will it cause you to ponder the meaning of life? Will it allow you to reflect on how all species are somehow related? Will it make you think of the circle of life? Who knows! That's why I'm calling it Life. Each picture will speak to each person in a different way.

"Hello, cousin?" --Because monkeys and humans could be related, get it?

"Birds of a Feather" --What does this say about conformity in society? Are we all just a bunch of sheep, even though this picture is clearly of flamingos?

"Giraffes"--Drawing a blank when it comes to a pretentious title, sorry

"Man's Best Friend" --Do we substitute animal relationships for human ones?

If anybody has a better title for "Giraffes," let's hear it. I'm looking for something so pretentious it'll make your head literally hurt.


  1. Rise Above It All
    Looking Down on the World
    Keep Your Head Up

  2. Lol I like, "Looking Down on the World." Sounds delightfully snobbish.