Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No, I Don't Actually Hate Jews

I love 'em. Jesus was a Jew. My comment on Holy Taco was simply trying to make a point (see here for the blog post AND ALL OF THE COMMENTS IT HAS GENERATED*). My point is this: there are some pretty talented unknown bloggers out there, who would LOVE to get as many page views and comments Holy Taco's blog post has gotten. Yet because they don't offend a particular group of people, they go on being unknown, because apparently, that's the only way to get people to read, comment on, and RE-BLOG your post. Publicity is publicity. Whether it's positive or negative, it still puts you at the forefront of peoples' minds. Holy Taco still got page views, which, if it's monetized (and I'm sure it is), translates to revenue. Holy Taco could give a crap if people love what they post or hate it; in the end, it is still getting visits and generating buzz.

Am I bitter? A little. I would love to get enough page views and comments to where I could monetize my blog, and I'm sure I'm not the only writer out there who feels that way. So if you'd like to support writers who are actually talented and who don't post content that makes fun of people, might I suggest checking out the following list:

::End Rant::

I DO want to say a big thank you to those who have been visiting. Thanks for the support! Glad you're (hopefully) enjoying the blog. :-)

*Yeah, I get that I kind of undermined myself by linking to the exact blog post that I've been ranting about, but I needed to give a point of reference to anybody who didn't come here from Holy Taco.

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