Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Piss Off White People in a Bar

For best results, carry out this social experiment in a bar that is either all or mostly full of white people. The results will be that much more hilarious as they will be amplified.

* * *

1. Put money in the juke box.

2. Select an obnoxious song like "Tubthumping."

3. If given the option to insert more money to insure that your song will be played next, DO IT.

4. Stand back and watch as those who put in their song selections earlier walk up to the juke box in a drunken stupor and confusedly try to force their heavy-lidded eyes to zero in on it, as if staring it down will somehow solve the mystery as to why they selected a song to play 30 minutes ago and it still has yet to play while the obnoxious, horseshit-sucky ditty that's currently playing is take up precious song space. I guarantee you they calculated precisely when their song could be expected to be played, and the fact that you went in and fucked up the playlist will cause confusion, frustration, anger, and, ultimately, hilarity.

Van Der Meme just 'cause:

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