Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Lessons: Shrimp Boat Surprise

So I've been a bad blog writer and haven't updated in about a week. I could have been productive yesterday, when I was sitting around, reading A Million Little Pieces, watching Sex and the City and basically not doing SHIT, but I didn't. Whatevs. I still don't know what the hell to write about and haven't even begun writing the second part to Teen Kitty, so I decided to share with you a very funny passage from Tim Dorsey's Nuclear Jellyfish. In its own twisted way, it's very true:

"When my collected travel knowledge is finally published as a best-selling book, I've decided to simultaneously release a special children's edition. It's almost completely finished. I've only got the first page, but that's the hardest part. It's called Shrimp Boat Surprise. Coleman asked what the title means, and I said life is like traveling on one big, happy shrimp boat. He asked what the surprise was, and I said you grow up and learn that life bones you up the ass ten ways to Tuesday."

There's your life lesson for today, kids. Do you feel more enlightened?


  1. Truer words were never spoken, Serge. I love Dorsey's writing.

  2. Me too! Dorsey should write Shrimp Boat Surprise. That would be hilarious.