Thursday, June 7, 2012

Since this is taking longer than anticipated...

I haven't been posting on here because I've been busy creating a sexy new blog into which I'll import this blog as well as Tarnished Halo. The new blog is being designed from scratch by yours truly, and once it's finished, I will be posting exclusively on there and un-publish (de-publish?) the other two. It'll be my own brand, my own domain name; truly my own space.

However, it's taking longer than anticipated. I thought I'd just import the existing blog posts, design my header, pick out some fonts, add a few widgets, bada bing, bada boom--sexy new blog. What I didn't anticipate was that the post formats would be all effed up and a lot of the posts not even being imported. So I'm having to go back and re-format and manually enter and back-date all the rest. Guys, it's a shit-show. Do you know how much I use italics and pictures in my posts? I kind of want to kill myself. And to add insult to injury, I have enough little stories from the past week or so to write a hodge-podge post. It's killing me. Like today I got a new shower head installed, which blasts out hurricane-force water. The thing creates its own wind. Even Ava was all, "What the fuck?" and poked her head in to investigate. I feel like I'm in a natural disaster every time I take a shower. And it's awesome.

Right now, gems like that are on hold whilst I work on the new blog and get that ready to go. But once it's done, it's on 'til the break of dawn. My inspiration is The Bloggess. She's made a career out of writing ridiculous things, and I hope to follow suit. This is America, folks, and this is my American Dream.

Man, how patriotic was that? That was John Mellencamp patriotic.


  1. i love it sarah. your writing are awesome, can't wait for the sexy new blog :) and yahoo on the new hurricane shower head, haha!

  2. LOL. You are hilarious. I love you.