Monday, January 10, 2011

Bay Area Eats: Moxies

Earlier today, some co-workers and I walked downtown to Moxies for lunch. First of all, let me just say: I love downtown.

Every time I go downtown, I feel giddy, like a small child on Christmas Day. It's pretty quiet on the weekends, but on the weekdays, the sidewalks are filled with the hustle and bustle of Very Important People, walking to and from their Very Important Meetings, carrying their Very Important Briefcases. Even though I've not once been downtown for anything business-related in the last three years, I still like to pretend that I'm a Very Important Person doing Very Important Things (sans Very Important Briefcase) whenever I'm there.

As we were walking downtown today, I was pleased to see that new restaurants had popped up. If you couldn't tell from the above paragraphs, I always thought downtown was cool, but was disappointed that it didn't have more to offer in the way of eateries and cafes. From what I saw on today's excursion, that looks like it's changing, and it makes my heart happy.

Moxies, as usual, was jam-packed during the lunch hour, but the staff was excellent in taking orders and delivering food in a timely manner. I ordered what I always order whenever I go somewhere that offers Reuben Sandwiches: a Reuben Sandwich. I love a good Reuben, and I can't decide which restaurant makes a better one: Moxies or Datz. I thought Datz's Reuben reigned supreme, but when I re-visited Moxies today, I had to admit, theirs wasn't half-bad, either. Datz's sandwich comes with a side of their sweet and salty chips and bleu cheese dipping sauce; I ordered the pasta salad with my sandwich at Moxies, and that was delicious as well (sun-dried tomato--yum!). So now I'm internally conflicted.

I am happy to say that I did have leftovers, so I'll also be able to enjoy some more Reuben and pasta salad for din din tonight. That is, if I don't cave in and eat them before I get home...

Update (because I know you're just dying to know if I ate the rest before I got home or not): I was able to resist the pull of the leftovers. After wrapping up this blog post, I plan on eating them while catching up on Jerseylicious. Yes, I watch Jerseylicious. Don't judge me.

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