Monday, April 26, 2010

Songs I am Loving Right Now

I love music, and one of my favorite things in the world is to "discover" a new song (or two) on the radio or during my boxing class, become obsessed with it (or them) and play the shit out of it (or them) until I get tired of it (or them). Right now, I am obsessed with three songs, and I will warn you--they are a little cheesy. But whatever, they have good beats and are just all around feel-good pop.

1. "Airplanes," B.o.B featuring Eminem and Hayley Williams
This question is for my UT work peeps--does loving this song up my street cred any?

2. "Eenie Meenie," Justin Bieber, featuring Sean Kingston
This is an addendum to the question posed to my work peeps in item #1. Never mind, I think jamming out to this song cancels out whatever street cred I earned with the previous song.

3. "Girl I'm Tryin'," by J. Brazil


  1. I was actually really pissed the other day when I realized that to buy Eenie Meenie from Amazon, I couldn't just buy the song, but I'd have to order the whole mp3 album. What a rip off! Lol.

    But yeah. Don't tell anyone, lol!

  2. How annoying! The music industry pisses me off. They want us to buy music legitimately instead of downloading it illegally, but then they screw us over with gimmicks like that. I bought some songs from Rhapsody and when I switched over to iTunes, I couldn't play my Rhapsody tunes on it! The file type wasn't supported! I spent about $20 on those songs! Highway robbery, I tell you. HIGHWAY ROBBERY.